Because of the frequent inquiries related to the publication of the content or the sale of the domain, we decided to make a public answer to all interested parties who have expressed their interest, and also to those who wanted to express their interest, but did not as yet.

We do not have any intention of publishing any contents, CVs, property records, registry books, polls, or advertisings in this domain, and we especially do not intent to do it for free, or for a paltry sum.

Regarding the sale of the domain, the most famous agency for the estimation of the domain values, has made an estimation that the value of domain equals 184.000 USD (december 18th 2015)

If the acronym of the domain represents something to somebody, the value of the domain increases accordingly. Since the appereance of the Internet until today, the trend of annual increase of the value of three-letter commercial domains is very strong, and the increase is significantly  higher than the increase of value of the assets in the banks, or stock markets.

Moreover,  with a capable webmaster, the domain could easily be placed on the very top of web searches throughout the world, without a need for additional payments to Google or any other Internet search engines. For Google only, this would cost the user an amount of several tens of thousands of Euros per month.

We do not have intention of selling the domain, but if You still want to buy it, please do not send us bids lower than 350.000 €, because we will not consider such bids, nor will we answer such bidders individually.

With respect,